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Let’s start with some cold-hard facts.

92% of today’s homebuyers start their search online.

Getting exposure on Google from buyers in your area is the key to closing a sale. The more home buyers that see your property for sale, the more likely that your home will sell fast—and at your price!

Search Realty Corp. is a real estate company utilizing the best tools and technology to serve the needs of today’s search-savvy home buyers, sellers and REALTORS®. With over 100 websites, 15,000 unique visitors per month and 135,000 page views per month, we’re growing fast! We have the most online exposure on Google.ca, with the search engine results to back it up. We’ve earned the following rankings for these key phrase search terms in Google.ca

#2 for MLS®

#2 & #3 for MLS® Listings

#2 for Houses for Sale

#1 and #2 for Mississauga Real Estate

#1 and #2 for Mississauga Homes For Sale

#1 for Mississauga Condos for Sale

#1 for Toronto Condos for Sale

#1 for Oakville Real Estate

#1 for Oakville Homes for Sale …and hundreds more #1 positions!

The old real estate system is broken. The sad truth is that most of what real estate agents do is in their own self interest, and not in the interest of selling your home.

Newspaper ads and flyers aren’t working. A small percentage of those who read the paper are even interested in buying, and often by the time the newspaper runs your ad, your property has already been sold! Similarly, open houses are structured to sell your real estate agent, not your home. (That’s right; your nosey neighbours that eat your open house snacks are not going to buy your home.)

Traditional REALTORS® send out flyers in your neighbourhood, these flyers will not reach the buyers in England or Asia who want to relocate here in the GTA. However, the internet will reach them. Take your listing where your buyers are—the online marketplace. Set up an appointment to list your home with a Search Realty agent today!



List Your Home For Sale!

Are you looking to put your property up for sale? We’ll provide a free home or condo evaluation to determine the current market value of your home, helping you make an informed decision when naming your list price. We’ll take into account the recent sold prices of homes that are similar in geographical location, type of real estate and specific criteria identical to your property.

You can have your Comparative Market Analysis e-mailed to you or presented in person by one of our experts.

Selling Real Estate?

If you’re selling your home, your agent is probably having you jump through the usual hoops: newspaper ads, open houses and hefty commissions. However, the old approach wasn’t designed for today’s market.

Advertise your home where your potential buyers will actually see it, and quit wasting your time with the outdated approach of traditional real estate. Search Realty Corp. will post your listing online and bring highly engaged, geo-targeted search traffic to view your property.

Think of it this way: the odds of someone opening up a newspaper and wanting to buy a home are 4%. The odds of someone wanting to buy a home after they Google “Mississauga Homes For Sale” is 94%. Don’t you want your listing where buyers can find it?

Search Realty Corp. is a real estate company who tailors to search-savvy home buyers, sellers and REALTORS®. We maintain over 100 websites with over 15,000 unique visitors per month and over 135,000 page views per month!

Schedule an appointment with a Search Realty Agent today. Let us explain our Pro-Active approach to selling your home fast at top dollar.

Our Clients Are #1 to us and we take pride in providing Excellent Customer Service!


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