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Search Realty Corp. is a real estate company utilizing the best tools and technology to serve the needs of today’s search-savvy home buyers, sellers and REALTORS®. With over 100 websites, 15,000 unique visitors per month and 135,000 page views per month, we’re growing fast! We have the most online exposure on Google.ca, with the search engine results to back it up.

1. Online Exposure

As the real estate industry changing rapidly, being found online has become a vital ingredient for any REALTOR® looking to make it in this ever changing market. When it comes to marketing your client’s listings, being found online is of utmost importance. Search Realty Corp. has over 100 geo-targeted websites that serve your market. 15,000 unique visitors come to our sites each month via Google.ca, we’ve earned some of the top spots on the search engine results pages, including:

#2 for MLS®
#2 & #3 for MLS® Listings
#2 for Houses for Sale
#1 and #2 for Mississauga Real Estate
#1 and #2 for Mississauga Homes For Sale
#1 for Mississauga Condos for Sale
#1 for Toronto Condos for Sale
#1 for Oakville Real Estate
#1 for Oakville Homes for Sale …and hundreds more #1 positions!

List your clients’ homes on our sites to get the maximum exposure for their

2. Access to Inbound Web Leads

On each of our 100+ websites, we have a contact form for interested buyers and sellers of local real estate. When a web visitor enters an inquiry along with their name, email, address and phone number, we know they mean business. As one of our REALTORS®, you have these leads passed to you. Depending on what package you chose you can have up to 2 leads per week sent to you, with hands on training to convert these leads into deals.

3. Refer Search Program (RSP)

As an added revenue stream for our REALTORS®, we’ve created a refer-an-agent program also known as the Refer Search Program (RSP). For each agent you refer to us, we’ll give you $50 a month for every month that you and the new Agent work with Search Realty Corp. There is no cap to how much residual income you can make.


4. Industry-Leading Technology

We give our REALTORS® the tools they need to work intelligently and efficiently. We have partnered with cloud-based companies for data storage and transaction management, allowing you to run your business as smoothly and time-effectively as possible.

5. Culture and Vision

Be a part of a forward-thinking real estate company that’s leading the industry in online strategy. Joining Search Realty Corp. also means joining the visionary of Sterling Wong, a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) professional, digital marketing fanatic and a pioneer in online real estate. His vision is simple:

To become Canada’s largest real estate brokerage with the most online presence in terms of geo-targeted traffic via multi-organic search results and recruiting online REALTORS®, starting from Mississauga to the Greater Toronto Area, and then nationwide.

Agent Plans





Technology Fee

$200 $500 $0

Transaction Fee

$250 $250 $250

Commission Split

100% 100% 100%

Leads per Week

1 2 2

No Contracts

Refer Search Program (RSP)

10GB Storage

Transaction Software

Search Realty ToolBar

Email Tracking

Optimized Website


Access to Email Marketing


Our Clients Are #1 to us and we take pride in providing Excellent Customer Service!


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